Meet Our New Gorgeous Apple Cinnamon Roll

A cinnamon roll is a sweet roll served commonly in Northern Europe and North America. Its main ingredients are flour, cinnamon, sugar, and butter, which provide a robust and sweet flavor. In some places, it is eaten as a breakfast food and is often served with cream cheese or icing.


It consists of a rolled sheet of yeast-leavened dough onto which a cinnamon and sugar mixture (and raisins or other ingredients in some cases) is sprinkled over a thin coat of butter.

The dough is then rolled, cut into individual portions, and baked or deep fried. In North America, cinnamon rolls are frequently topped with icing (usually confectioners’ sugar-based) or a glaze. In Northern Europe, nib sugar is usually used with a glaze instead of icing. Commonly in North America, these rolls are fried, glazed, and served as a variation of a raised donut.


The size of a cinnamon roll varies from place to place, but many vendors supply a smaller size about 2.0 inches in diameter and a larger size about 4 inches.

Honey bun

A honey bun is a sweet roll similar to the cinnamon bun that is popular in the southeast United States, but not the same. “A honey bun is a fried yeast pastry that contains honey and a swirl of cinnamon in the dough and is glazed with icing. According to legend, Howard Griffin of Griffin Pie Co. in Greensboro, North Carolina, developed the first honey bun in 1954.

Sweet roll

A sweet roll or sweet bun refers to any of a number of sweet, baked, yeast-leavened breakfast or dessert foods. They may contain spices, nuts, candied fruits, etc., and are often glazed or topped with icing. Compared to regular bread dough, sweet roll dough generally has higher levels of sugar, fat, eggs, and yeast.

Bath bun

The Bath bun is a sweet roll made from a milk-based yeast dough with crushed sugar sprinkled on top after baking. Variations in ingredients include enclosing a lump of sugar in the bun or adding candied fruit peel, currants, raisins or sultanas.

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